The Anklet Statement

With the world turning into a global village we humans have adopted almost the same taste in clothing and adornments, but apparently, the Carefree ghosts still follow a different decorum.

Female ghosts who call the Indian land their territory of operation, have quite a penchant for heavy metal anklets (and white sarees). No, I’m not making stuff up. It’s their standard dress code as per many movies and folklores. The sojourn of ghosts in a dilapidated house is always heralded by the tinkles of the metallic bells of their anklets. Maybe it’s just their style, but ghost ladies in other parts of the world being so chic and trendy, it’s high time the Indian ghosts adopt new trends too. The tinkling anklets, even though classy, have many drawbacks. Other than being pathetically heavy, they usually give the ghosts’ presence away and lead to their easy exorcism.

So, dear ghosts, “t(w)inkle t(w)inkle little star” isn’t the popular anthem these days, just saying.


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