Rainfall Ruminations


The sky mooning over the earth

so close,yet so far. Eeyorish and sombre.

Pining for an unattainable love

since the inception of time.


Every monsoon its eyes get misty

by blue water drips.

Eyelids droop down heavy

with colonies of amorphous clouds.

Tears rain down, thundering gasps

downpour of suppressed mourns.


The ponds ripple, rivulets spill

trees dance in viridescent gala.

Birds cackle, minstrels’ exhilarating rhapsodies

environ the doleful aura.


In the funeral of the sky’s dead longings

earthlings revel in pluviophilia.

Where goes the compassion, the kindness multifold?

It’s perhaps the chilly gale which

renders them unsympathetic and cold.

To One Month on WordPress and More



Today marks the one month of me joining the blogosphere and writing my first post here.

I remember how nervous I was, but things seem to have worked out just fine. I’ve started writing regularly and now I use my leisure time more productively. Continue reading “To One Month on WordPress and More”


Clock – The Daily Post prompt


The boisterous soul rattled its

crumbled house.

 It was the time for a respite.

The feeble body

let a despondent sigh.

It had to set the eternal bird

free for a new flight.


Eyes rolled wild, the moment

had come to break

a life-long alliance.

The breathings froze,

clock stopped ticking.

And all that remained

was silence.




Punishment – The daily prompt


I didn’t fall in love with you

I slipped into it with my eyes closed.

You were like the ocean tide

and I was strolling on the beach side.

You swept me off my feet,

giving me butterflies in my stomach.

Then you ebbed slowly,

pushing me into sordid waves of melancholy.

I should have known you better.

Now it all feels like a punishment,

For a poorly made judgement.




A Dream of Renaissance

Slowly – The Daily Post prompt



I open my eyes and I see

a city draped in greys.

A sea of conflicts, growing resentments,

luring promises. And slowly engulfing

clouds of rebellions. Shadows

lurking behind shimmering fairy lights.


Next, the dusty pavements

turn blood red. Towering edifices

demolished by storms of terror and outcries,

testaments of forlorn pride.


I pray for peace, for a song

of mellifluous harmony,

for a eudaimonic dawn.

I wander around, looking for

yet another renaissance.



The Dewdrop

Depth– The Daily Post Prompt



The north wind blew

I condensed,

Then descended a mile.

Perched on a flame tree leaf

For a little while.


The rendezvous was short, I

Slipped further down to the surface

Approaching the end of my being.


Before getting assimilated

Into the earth’s depth,

Only one memory flashed instead of my life whole.

The red flower had called me

Elixir to its soul.


Feast -The Daily Post prompt



The vestiges of lost love

Echoed perennially in the back of her head.


Few unspoken words which lingered on her lips,

Scenes which her eyes had devoured and

Tears couldn’t dissolve.

His perfume lurking around in the air,

The warmth of his touch, which still burnt her skin-deep.


She hollowed out her mind of his thoughts, but

The senses were feasting upon the last remnants.


Conflicts got romanticized when heart betrayed the mind thus.



Serene in the verdant meadow

On a resplendent night,

Amidst the rustle of frail trees swaying

And silence’s stealthy sighs.


Showers of comets shooting ablaze

And stars sparkling like jewels bright,

I gaze into the glittery constellations

Of your mystique dark eyes.


Until ephemeral meets eternal

And mundane becomes a magical sight,

Hold my hand, my love

Until the morning hues arise.


(For if you let go, I might die.)

Little Things

Muse – The Daily Post prompt

When the tune of life gets jejune

And monotony is too deep,

Then maybe

Laugh a little too hard,

Rave a little too much.


When particularly pensive

And dejected on the inside

Then maybe

Hum a little too loud,

Muse a little too long.


When the city rush is stressing you,

What to do to push away the blues?


Drive a little too far,

Celebrate a little too big.



The little things in life

do cause all the difference.