Surface – The Daily Post promptabstract-figurative-art-painting-letting-go-of-fear-laura-carter

Perspiring, I wake up every night, surrendering

to the fears. An abundance of what-if’s,

suspicions crawling through the veins.


Questions burning in the head, while the answers

untraceable, still fondle the shadows.

I fall for grotesque fallacies. And light has collapsed

too deep into caverns of uncertainty

to reach the surface.


When hope gets lost amidst the brindled tassels, which

the raucous wind has ravelled out of dust.

My angels have lost their ways, for the halo is

camouflaged by the dark.

My summers shiver, I need warmth.


Image artist: Unknown


The Dewdrop

Depth– The Daily Post Prompt



The north wind blew

I condensed,

Then descended a mile.

Perched on a flame tree leaf

For a little while.


The rendezvous was short, I

Slipped further down to the surface

Approaching the end of my being.


Before getting assimilated

Into the earth’s depth,

Only one memory flashed instead of my life whole.

The red flower had called me

Elixir to its soul.

Little Things

Muse – The Daily Post prompt

When the tune of life gets jejune

And monotony is too deep,

Then maybe

Laugh a little too hard,

Rave a little too much.


When particularly pensive

And dejected on the inside

Then maybe

Hum a little too loud,

Muse a little too long.


When the city rush is stressing you,

What to do to push away the blues?


Drive a little too far,

Celebrate a little too big.



The little things in life

do cause all the difference.