Those Were the Days

The last few months of college are overwhelming times. Things seem to be on a rush and you hastily try to tick things off your bucket list. Bouts of sentiments flood your heart, you take countless number of pictures to document your #onelasttime’s but they don’t seem to be enough. I have experienced this tumultuousness of emotions too.  Now when they have got over, I sit nostalgia-struck, sometimes recapitulating the past. Here I’ll give you a sneak-peek of my mind palace, some incidents which make me laugh no matter what the situation is.

  • The time we made daal-baati

For those who don’t know what baati is, it is spiced wheat-flour dough balls roasted directly in wood fire,served with daal and generous amount of ghee.

One fine evening three of my friends and I collected some dried twigs and tree branches, ignited a fire and roasted our pre-made dough balls in the simmering flames. The baatis with some daal from mess and ghee from the local Chinthamani departmental store made for one satisfying finger-licking meal.

  • The Blur-ry weekends

There is this car racing game called Blur my guy friends are crazy about. It was a drizzly weekend when I gave in to their proposition and played it for the first time. Without much polishing, I’m ready to admit that I sucked at it. Maybe I’m just too evolved to participate in such virtual quests. I’m meant to deal with real-life problems and face real challenges (see what I did there?). Nevertheless, it was quite indulging. I could just steer my car off a cliff or hit another harmless car parked on the roadside and get away with it just like that.

  • The trip of a (college) lifetime

A trip to Goa sets off a volcano in your pocket (apparently, the phrase ‘burn a hole’ doesn’t do justice to it), but trust me, it’s worth every penny you spend.

The Goa air smells of free-spirit. You can roam, drive and shop to your heart’s content irrespective of what hour of the day is. From idyllic beaches to ‘Dil Chahta hai’ fame Charpora Fort to Club Cabana, we did it all. To add cherry on the cake enter our luxurious stay, which was quite a steal on makemytrip, and Jia’s delicious cream cheese pastas!

  • When I watched a Tamil movie

It so happened that I, with my 6 other friends went for an impromptu night out to the Trichy City where nightlife is non-existent save a multiplex and couple of coffeehouses. When we reached the said multiplex the only tickets we could procure such last-minute were of the Tamil movie ‘24’, and the Tamil language proficiency of me and my friends is limited to speaking and understanding basic phrases like ‘enna pandre’ and ‘Tamil teriyadha’.

Needless to say, time seemed to be on a standstill during the 2 hours of the movie attributed to collective self-pity, regret and our desperate attempt to understand the story from the visuals.

Our expressions during the interval, mournful in unison.13599622_633268773490653_1191821965_n

These are just a few events on top of my mind. I, of course have a never-ending list of memories which will be cherished forever. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Till next post, folks!