An Open Letter to the Poor-Joke Spammers Out There

Dear PJ-Spammer,

I hold no particular animosity towards you. You might be one amongst my dear ones but when you say “hi guys” to a herd of cows passing by; I clench my fists tight and deploy all the self-control I have to stop myself from punching you. I know you have this natural inclination of playing with phonetics and word-roots, but that makes your audience feel like killing themselves, traumatized by the hurricane of mixed emotions evoked by your deadly words. I, therefore, have decided to raise my voice against this vicious malpractice.

The increase in number of people who humor themselves by cracking Lame or Poor Jokes (PJs) is alarming. As a matter of fact, you are everywhere.Every friends group in every college in this country has a person who tortures the rest by his/her brutal jokes.If this rate continues then that day is no longer far when good humor will become extinct on this planet.

Sure you’re funny (sometimes) and witty, but you’re a million other things too, most of which are synonymous to the word cruel. One day,out of curiosity I asked you why this lame-joke cult is spreading like a wildfire, you quoted growing mutilation cases in the ‘Joke Realm’ as the reason. In my exasperated frustration, I blurted “It’s so not cool, if you have anything against me then you should just say it”, you said without a moment’s lapse,” it”. I died a little inside that day.

Why, just why you have to opt for a degraded form of humor to amuse yourself when so many classic fortes still exist! We all love Chandler Bing for his spot-on sarcasm and Sheldon Cooper for his on-your-face wisecracks. We’re even fond of Bart Baker’s parodies and Russell Peters’s satires despite his racial slurs. So please oh please, take an inspiration from those good people and adopt a different type of humor for your kind indulgence.

I speak for the whole agonized recipient fraternity when I say “No thank you, you’ve got to stop”.

Yours sincerely



Disclaimer: This post is to be taken as a light-hearted quip and not intended to hurt any individual sentiment. Thank you for reading!