I saunter through a forest trail. Dark and gloomy under the thick canopy of ancient trees which sunshine can barely pierce. My ears are filled with chirping of birds and raucous cries of feral animals. At a distance perhaps there is a cascade with water splashing vehemently over the coarse rocks, I can hear it all. I’m clueless about which part of the day it is. Nervous and confounded I wander about, not knowing which way to go. Then out of nowhere I see a ball of light away from the trail. I’m a bit relieved. Shoving away the damp branches with my hands, I head towards it. I follow the ball of light, deeper and deeper into the wilderness. I increase my pace to reach it but it seems to be rolling faster than before. There is a wooden board hanging from a tree with something written over it, but I can’t make it out. It’s all hazy and blurred, damn. I’m tired with sweat trickling down my forehead. Suddenly a weasel emerges in front of me baring its vicious canines. I have to escape. RUN. I run, mustering all my strength, past the shrubs and bushes dotted with pungent smelling wild flowers. I lose sight of the light-ball. The weasel is chasing me. My feet are getting chilly and numb. Regardless, I don’t stop.  A withered tree trunk is lying on the ground. STOP. Why am I not able to slow down! I stumble and fall. My knees are scraped, it’s hurting. I lift my head up to look around. Everything has become so bright and lit up, that’s strange. Where did the weasel vanish, where is the forest? It’s okay, now when there is daylight I can find my way back home. I get on my feet and start walking again. There is a storm coming, I should hurry. Oh no, there is a chasm in front of me.  My feet seem to be out of my control. I slip into it. There is no escape now. I’m falling. Falling deep into the abyss. I’m going to die. Please let it be quick. What happened, why can’t I feel the hard surface yet?! I scream but no sound comes. Perhaps I’m dead already. Wait, NO. I can hear voices around me, how did people get here?! I’m all so confused.

“Anki! Wake up!”, my sister screamed. I slowly opened my eyes on the hospital bed. “The nurse gave you some sleeping pills after the surgery. You were mumbling in your sleep. You okay?” “I’m fine”, I smiled at her.

Dreamlands are not always cosy, I thought as I fell asleep again.