Secrets of the Ocean



Forever I’ve lived

keeping a tranquil façade.

Witnessing with every rise and ebb

a turn of incidents, with shrewd eyes.

For I have in me the silence of millenniums.

The secrets, which disappear at the ground

still lay sleeping in my core.

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Each day rolls by, with my hours

pivoted around you. I wonder when it was I

imbued you in me.

Was it when I floated through elation with your wit in air

or when I was spellbound by the mirth

you splurged on me.


I can’t help smiling as I realize,

darling, you had me at hello.


The Road Not Taken*(with a little twist)


When two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

I took neither. I built my own trail

amidst the thorns and conifers

donning my rebel snood.


Sprinting fierce, stamping the bushes

I lacerate dead ends.

Staring at the syzygy, I progress

to find destiny’s dividends.


I didn’t take the roads previously travelled

to stand ahead of the crwth.

Going harsh, doing rash,

they say I’m drunk on youth.


* A well-known poem by the legendary poet Robert Frost.
Youth– The Daily Post prompt

Deserts Versus Humans


The amorphous sand dunes on the chest of desert

Blemishing its soul superficially, causing fugacious scars

Then comes the confused wind, dispersing the gold grains

On the scratched heart, thus panacea rains.


Unlike the exteriors of desert, human hearts have iron-crusts

The wounds don’t erode, with time they only rust

Slowly crumbles the shell , and deeper seeps the hurt.

They gulp down misery, but keep the face robust.


Life would have been much easier

if human scars too were easy to dust.


Confused– The Daily Post prompt


Surface – The Daily Post promptabstract-figurative-art-painting-letting-go-of-fear-laura-carter

Perspiring, I wake up every night, surrendering

to the fears. An abundance of what-if’s,

suspicions crawling through the veins.


Questions burning in the head, while the answers

untraceable, still fondle the shadows.

I fall for grotesque fallacies. And light has collapsed

too deep into caverns of uncertainty

to reach the surface.


When hope gets lost amidst the brindled tassels, which

the raucous wind has ravelled out of dust.

My angels have lost their ways, for the halo is

camouflaged by the dark.

My summers shiver, I need warmth.


Image artist: Unknown


I am Chaos

Craving – The Daily Post prompt

The stream of fine, dulcet phrases in your sight

is a masquerade to conceal the mess.

Ricocheting uproar, piling mayhem

I’m all chaos on the inside, no less.

Perennially mercurial, entangled in scepticism

I get cravings for troubles, I confess.

So don’t ask for the keys to my heart baby,

it’s darkness in there

you’d lose your way into the wilderness.