A Response to ‘We Didn’t Belong’



When the day disperses to dusk

And pollens rise to stardust

I sit by the skies,

feet dipped in recollections of the past.


(Even if you were a noise,

Your beats never left my heart)


When fireflies layered by your hair,

I rambled through your verses

weaving songs out of moonbeams.

Then the storm arrived, leaving

wilted rhymes the only remnants.


(Darling, truth be told,

my melody has always been yours)



Read ‘We Didn’t Belong’ here for a thorough understanding of the context.



11 thoughts on “A Response to ‘We Didn’t Belong’

  1. Pratibha! Expressions beautifully penned down… I mean tapped down… 😉

    I read both the poems as instructed by you. Choice of your pictures with apt words are the key when you express… for yourself or when you represent some other character.


    Regards, CP

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